AZOffices – Our Story

AZOffices (Our Story)

In 2002, when my future business partner and I quit our jobs to begin a new venture together, we packed up our families, bid farewell to our homes in Seattle, Washington, and headed on down to the Valley of the Sun. What neither of us expected was how difficult it would be to actually find and rent office. Despite our ability to pay, we quickly ran into several roadblocks.

Well, adversity bore necessity, necessity bore ingenuity, and the idea of AZOffices was born. Now, every startup and small business owner needing a turnkey office space had the opportunity to quickly get the space they needed.

We are very proud to be a pioneering member of this trend, which began for us in 2007 with our first location in downtown Gilbert. Our concept was then, and still is today, very simple: Share the resources that can be shared to minimize costs for everyone involved while facilitating an environment that actually stimulates creativity and thus, professional success. Practically speaking, having a shared receptionist, conference rooms, break rooms, restrooms and other common areas made a lot more sense to us than having to pay for all of these things by ourselves. By offering various different options, like meeting rooms, virtual offices, executive suites; everyone from companies requiring full time office space, to others only looking to lease part-time can easily and reliably get their needs met.

This business model has proven so popular and successful that we now have 4 locations throughout Arizona. We appreciate being able to provide a safe, supportive and stimulating Executive office environment for our clients…and we look forward to being able to do so for you and your business as well. To learn more about our service options, or to schedule a tour of one of our facilities, please contact us at 480-750-0077.
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